Doug Senz AP History / Writing

Doug Senz’s 20+ years Advanced Placement History writing/test preparation experience can help you in any history class!  

I work with many students and student athletes and am a credentialed teacher.

Individual/group sessions offered at your home. (There must be an adult present).

Rates are based on number of students. (Four students max per group).

Flexible scheduling; afternoons / evenings / weekends with a guarantee that students will be seen on a regular basis.

NOTE: Although the bulk of my students are in AP classes, I also tutor students in regular history classes as well.

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Doug Recommends...

I recommend starting the APUSH and APEuro preparation earlier rather than later.

These are not classes that students want to get behind in.

Plus, there is a unique essay writing system for both the document based question (DBQ) and the free response questions that needs to be learned.

The students that work with me do much more practice writing and are better prepared to write the three essays that are required in May.


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Get a head start on the 2017-2018 advanced placement academic year by signing up with Doug, either individually or in a group of your making!